The Bhavna Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote mental well-being and reduce stigma among children and adolescents, fostering environments where young individuals can achieve emotional balance and feel valued.

What We Do

Mental Health Awareness to Remove Stigma
Resources and Support

We're dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health among children. Through advocacy and education, we empower young minds to speak up and seek support without fear or judgment.

At schools, teachers are change makers. So, what happens to student learning when only one in six teachers in a district has proper training? Adequate funding can help teachers develop the skills needed to make a difference.

Our Impact

Transforming Lives:

Over 1 Million Individuals Benefited

Illuminating Minds:

Hosting Over 100 Events and Workshops

Community Support:

Engaging Over 1,000 Supporters Across 10 Chapters

Empowering Access:

Offering a Wealth of Resources and Tools

Partners & Sponsors

News and Media

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